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Coral Springs is one of the best cities to live in Florida. With great schools, such as the University of Florida, and a vibrant, growing community, it’s easy to see why more people call this college town home. But like any other town, Coral Springs isn’t without its share of issues. Among them is youth addiction. Countless local adolescents struggle with a drug or alcohol substance abuse on a daily basis. While many deny or even acknowledge they have an issue, others are desperately seeking help. The new Troubled Teens Coral Springs helpline has been established to assist parents and teens find the right help they need to overcome their chemical dependency.

Today’s adolescents are under so much pressure. Unfortunately, many turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to relieve the stress from their daily lives. But it doesn’t take long for experimentation to quickly escalate in to a full blown substance abuse. Parents in Coral Springs can contact the helpline by calling (754) 701-2210 or sending an email to  Operators are standing by at all hours to address any questions or concerns pertaining to youth rehab and addiction. In addition to providing guidance and support for parents and their teens, helpline operators also provide valuable information on the latest treatment programs offered at teenager treatment facilities and which teen recovery facilities provide the best care for their adolescent.

Watching your adolescent suffer from a drug or alcohol dependency can be a helpless feeling.  But it doesn’t need to continue. The sooner a teen receives treatment, the better their chances of achieving a sober future. Teenager treatment facilities are staffed with certified substance abuse professionals who utilize the latest techniques of detox, therapy, dual diagnosis and teen depression treatment in a safe and nurturing environment. Don’t wait for the issue to get worse.  The first step is to be proactive and pick up the phone. Call the Troubled Teens Chapel helpline today and help your adolescent get started on their road to recovery.

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